Digital Painting

Something fun, my happy place.
This is a 30 minute sketch in Photoshop of a scene that I saw the other night while I was out painting with my oils.  The monsoon season in Arizona is a lot of fun for a plein air painter!

Deadly Creatures Gallery

Deadly Creatures was an amazing opportunity for an environment artist. Models that would normally be mere set dressing or props became key elements to the environment that would also be traversed by the player. These assets needed to hold up like any other hero object in a more conventional game. The following screenshots show the bulk of my work on Deadly Creatures. I was in charge of the art for the dump outside the gas station. Close collaboration with design and a few research field trips to a dump in the desert led to these screenshots. I was responsible for the modeling, texturing, and lighting.

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Textures on Deadly Creatures

All our textures on Deadly Creatures were 100% generated in Photoshop and hand painted with a few exceptions like using photos for labels. The junkyard gave me the opportunity to create a wide array of textures. A mattress, truck parts, cactus, stuffing under a bench seat, and close up shots of the ground from the view of a tarantula and a scorpion are examples of the diverse environment I had to create textures for.

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The Get Away Car

A personal project to brush up on some hard surface modeling techniques. I'll be taking it into Z-brush soon.

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Prior to the release of the Xbox 360, I was on a team developing a next gen FPS. This previs is a sample of what we intended to achieve in real time.

Blood Wake

Blood Wake was my first game credit. I modeled and textured a large percentage of the boats and weapons. Here are some samples of my work.

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The Windmill Project

This is a personal project I am still working on. The purpose is to explore Z-brush and create a detailed, stylized look with a variety of surfaces such as brick, stucco, stone, and decorative wood carvings. 

Life Drawing

Life drawing presents many challenges. Not only am I trying to interpret anatomy correctly, but most importantly, I'm trying to capture the rhythm in the pose. If this is done well, there is almost a story in each drawing. These drawings varied in completion time ranging from 2 to 30 minutes.

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Oil Painting

I've spent a lot of time oil painting on location.  Here are some samples of my work, a combination of plein air and studio paintings.  To see more visit the fine art side of my website at

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Splashdown 2 Screenshots

I created the environments for three different levels on Splashdown 2.  Here is a sample of my work.

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Splashdown 2 models

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I came up with these playing around in Mudbox.